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Corporate Sponsorship

Once again we need sponsors to help make our tournament a smashing success!  Our sponsorship levels are as follows:

Platinum: $1500 Donation gives you a sign on our croquet court with your company’s logo, your logo on a banner which will be prominently placed at the tournament, your logo on the event website, large preferred logo on the tournament t-shirts, a foursome ($480 value), cocktail vouchers and our eternal gratitude.

Gold: $650 Donation gives you a sign on our croquet court, large preferred lettering on the tournament t-shirts, 2 spectator tickets and our sincerest gratitude.

Silver: $150 Donation puts your company name on the tournament t-shirts and our sincere gratitude.

In Kind Donations: We are grateful for any donations your business may want to offer of services, memberships, etc. and can often times apply your donation to one of the above sponsorship levels.

Raffle Donations

Much of the money we have raised has been from raffles.  We have 3 categories of raffles.  Our high value silent auction items, such as a weekend in Martha’s Vineyard, high value raffle ticket items, such as a tour of Fenway Park with luxury seats for the game following and our standard raffles, which are usually themed baskets.  Someone might donate a beach chair or a bottle of wine and someone else might donate a gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles and suddenly we have a perfect beach themed basket with a beach chair, a bottle of wine and a gift certificate for that beach read.  We will make ANYTHING you give into a wonderful prize and are actively seeking raffle donations of ANY size!  If you could spare a few moments and would like to help, please reach out to 2-3 local businesses asking for any donation they may be able to offer.  We will provide you with a letter explaining why we do what we do and our non-profit number for tax purposes.  We appreciate any items you may be able to secure and the effort you take to secure them!!!  xoxoxo Colin and Beckett and all of our other Epilepsy Fighting friends

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