Purchase Tickets for Croquet for a Cure – September 8th 2018 at 11am – Tirrell Room Quincy, MA

Purchase your croquet foursome tickets before August 16th and save $100!

Come out and join in on the fun on September 8th, 2018 at 11am. Tirrell Room – Quincy, MA


Note: 3% processing fee for online orders


Teams that are now registered

Shuddered and Buckled
Paul Shinney
Probably Murph
Probably Batman
Probably Jake

Jared Burhoe
Laura Burhoe

Straight off the couch
Dan Murphy
Susan Murphy
Rich Lauria
Colleen Lauria

Jessica Hambelton
Jon Hambelton

The Billy Buckners
Jessica Reed
Josh Reed
Melissa Ludwig
Mat Ludwig

Dana’s Dingos
Bud Cipullo
Bill Shields
Eric Morgan
Ed Shanley

Gotta be ken’s Italian
Brian Coppney
Todd Joyce
Sean Kelly
Jeff narbone

Penny Loafers
John Morris
Colleen Morris
Dan Joyce
Kate Joyce

Wicket Smaht Kids
Meghan Hartwell
Chris Hartwell
Hannah Mitchelson
Mark Mitchelson

John & The Guys

No Entries Found

Wicket Average
Peter Degnan
Pat Daley
Nick Lyons
Nathaniel Powell

Vandelay Industries, Importers & Exporters

No Entries Found

The Vanilla Double Tap Nuts
Kevin Williams
Maureen Williams
Joe Higgins
Kerrianne Higghind

Lady Pilgrims
Kathy Moschella
Jan O’Keefe
Barbara Haas
Robbie Lynch

Team Mahler

Colleen Jordan

The Clown Punchers
Larry Amirault
Patty Amirault
Brian W Humberd
James Shea

Team 802
Abby Eldridge
Dave Eldridge
Doug Wellman
Marji Wellman

Chicken Croquet
Michael Tobin
Kathy Tobin
Juliet Schiff
Jeff Pelletier

Joe Pepper-Foley

Wicket Good Cause
Katie M Steele
Bridget Galvin
Erin O’Brien
Kristina Ware

Wicket Pissah
Frank Judd
Jill Judd
Bob Buckley
Kerri Buckley

Get Buck in Here
Andrea Butler
Ted Buckley
Robert Buckley
Patricia Buckley

Sir Croquet a Lot
Katie Kemp
John Kemp
Maegan Tibbet